A ride; among the mountains, along the sea: 2 days around Konkan

Do you work 5 days a week? If yes then you must have gone through the pressure that strikes your head whenever there is a long weekend to come..unless you love day sleeping..or you love to have a me time at your routine place..or you like to work without break, you have pretty good chance of getting bored.. there are people who find it hard to just stay at home..doing/ exploring nothing.. who feel that time and weekends are too precious to just let go..I always believed in same.. let’s go through one such tale of trying to turn a long weekend into a break to remember ..

Since it’s been summer we thought to discover beach options near by..if you Google Beaches near Pune, chances are you will land up around options like Kashid, Diveagar, alibaug,nagao etc. Most of whose reviews are good but as human beings vary so as their likings of places..
Many people had given great reviews for Diveagar as a less crowdy unexplored and peaceful village beach to stay in..since it is near by Kashid, harihareshwar.. as dreamy as it sounds from reviews do you think a village can be a great place to hang out ? How would it go if you are relying on reviews and heading to expect same ? Let me make it more clear to you in ongoing part of this tale: 

The Plan: we decided on going for a 2 day-night trip to Diveagar village , covering attractions near by.We didn’t have any hard plans but just wanted to make sure we cover most of the beaches like Harihareshwar, Aravi,Shreevardhan, Kashid and most things in the area..roam around 2 days and get home one day before we hit the office.
Talking transport – Diveagar from Pune is 160 around;the only recommended mode of transportation is cab/ car.We didn’t a have car or much cash to get a cab but had the guts to ride  away.We chose to ride morning 6.30 (175 km) so that sun doesn’t hit us hard. There are two ways to go Diveagar from Pune:one is by mulshi road and other is through Mumbai Pune old highway that goes by lonavla. We chose mulshi.
Wondering how the ride was like? let’s see..it didn’t take long to cross inside of Pune.While we reached outskirts shops started to open for breakfast.We found a nice vada pav venue and went for it.Coming back to route..so if you like to ride among the mountains, along the greenery ,catching glimpse of lakes, you would love the route.The roads are covered by hills or trees that make it soothing but the only twist is they are too natural..meaning they aren’t well maintained, but there is good news for those planning a trip; throughout the route there is a road construction going which obviously made our ride a little painful but definitely will make it great in the days to come by.We suffered through path holes every alternate km but yet the natural beauty kept covering up for it, so our spirit stayed high.

We were able to reach Diveagar in 6 hours,  as we know it’s a village.. so is the vibes around this area.. entering onto place was like entering into any other village India has..with aid of greenery and farms around.

We stayed in a homestay called Apsons(1500 per night) , near beach (100 m).After taking a lunch and a nap we headed to beach.Let me define Diveagar more clearly to you now :

Calm, serene, long spacious, less crowded , brown sanded with some of the water sports to offer, if peace and silence is what you crave for then this Beach is for you.Let me say it again-if u have not been to Goa and peaceful silent places make you feel vacay this place is for you;If you don’t like Goa beaches just because they are too commercialised and Carry alcoholic vibes; this Beach is for you.If you love sitting in night on the beach? sorry , wrong place!!…I think every beach has its own story , every beach carries it’s own vibe.. romantic, fun, peaceful, religious…many in the list..so is the case with Diveagar.

Important points to notice:
The Beach is among the dense trees, yes greenery is a plus point, the shore mostly stays wet so if you are imagining sitting there in the sand watching waves.. nope..no beach side umbrella…The water here is clean and Sandy , you will find plenty of scope to walk around it. There are multiple gates to it…there are no chopati stuff..so eat out ..but yes you sure will love the space if a peaceful quite walk in greenerey side ways and a village lifestyle is rare for you..
Talking about the food options..yes the homestays offer food but no fancy restaurants..no bars ..no night Life..well obviously it’s a village..there are very few restaurants near by (3-4 kms). And don’t expect a Google review help you with this as most of the time your 4G won’t work even a 3G way, again let me remind you signed up for a village experience..

     As I said every beach has it’s own story it’s own vibe…whether you like it or not depends again on ur expectations. For instance I specifically like to sit on a Sandy Beach till half night and eat around or drink on same..we felt around 5 that we were done with Diveagar for the moment; wanted more colours in our evening and since we know Harihareshwar lied around 35 km -1 hr time, we went for it..

A ride to Harihareshwar, lonely roads, hill view spots, tree covered ways ,a beautiful nature ride, and a beautiful beach side sunset … This all came together and made the whole evening soothing enough to not let us regret our day… It was really really worth it..
Want to see???

Now describing Harihareshwar, hills covering the shore ..with rocks that keep getting hugs from the sea waves ,the scenic amalgam of rock and water.. brown and white,reminded us of the fact that there is nothing more soothing than a sunset like this.

Harihareshwar sunset

The ride back hotel followed by moon playing hide and seek behind mountains and trees.Roads were quitter than before , there  was darkness and blind turnovers..rare vehicles no animals but mild awareness of how sleepy the arena had become.. there was about 10 kms where we did go through this and started freaking a little..though we knew roads there were safe we had a little self talk saying well I hope no white saree lady comes down that lane.. there was something there .. a moment of nature touch ..a self awareness saying that’s all close I am to who I can be and  where all I can go..a little realisation of how vulnerable our existence can be..it was matter of few mins and a human brain which loved the scenery had started taking the same as an escape motivation to the same old place called hotel.

So enough of drama.. we reached back got our dinner on the way, there was a hotel golden dish serving good food there.

   So 2nd day it’s is:
We woke up to have a sunrise experiment at Diveagar and below is what we found:

After the 🌞 touch we did breakfast and decide to go for another ride to Aravi beach view.. ever had a chance to ride above the mountain along the beach , ya a beach view from the mountain…yes that’s what it was , i think it’s a must have experience if you are in any near by area, the rides here have their own charm :

Aravi beach view and way to Shreevardhan beach

When done with view you continue to another path that again takes you to a road that goes along Aravi and don’t worry about map as all the streets there say Shreevardhan Beach. They may say other names as well but sticked to few.

Shreevardhan was more of a well maintained , garden cum beach space.. you get there you sit there , families may like it a lot as it is among the residential place and attracts local crowd too.

Then  we thought to cover Kashid through the rest of the day.The way to Kashid (54 kms) was at some places a work at progress, at some places the hills , the farms and  even required a ferry to cross the beach …yeah too much but fun.The way to Kashid requires you to take a ferry ride which goes every hour and which has a fix time table.

Ride to Kashid carried a sea view from mountains , another beautiful spot promising a fort in middle of the sea if you wish to take a boat.

talking Kashid ..

A clean brown sand beach carrying lots of water sports and a good enough chopati space to take a bath after beach fun .. and a  nap time over hanging beds ( hammocks) for your relaxation..But with only one disadvantage : crowd. Since Kashid is not entirely a lonely village, and has both beach views and a popular fort ( murud janjira) it attracts more crowd than any other beach near by.. you will see good crowd hanging in there .. place stays quite lively whole day …

I would have loved to spend sunset there and spend night near by too but We knew we had to get back to our hotel and last ferry was at 7, we chose to get back on port by 6.

And Diveagar sunset after way back

So why we didn’t leave on same day..

One major reason it was night ride and we were already tired
We had booked hotel at Diveagar for 2 nights, yes our plan was with a major flaw.
From kashid it would have been around a  100 kms ride from Lonavla route
And if you carry a four wheeler you can even leave on same day via express way and reach at night.We woke up next day early as we knew we didn’t want to go via Mulshi (175km work in progress ) but Lonavla (206 kms, 6 hrs) as we wanted a smooth ride ..

The ride went mostly through highways , covering old highway; summer was the only issue.

A suggested itenary plan:
2 day 2 night:
Day 1
Start from Pune(6-7am) covering mulshi( once work is done on road )
Relax on Diveagar homestay, HV lunch rest  , beach visit by 4 pm
Plan Harihareshwar for sunset 
Be back by 8.30-9 but if you have four wheeler later can be

Day 2
Visit Diveagar and directly head to Aravi after / before sunrise 
Spend time in near by beaches and leave for Kashid around 11-12
You can visit murud janjira it’s a good sea fort but not much left inside, but if a history lover, good guides available to hear stories, the ride and view major attractions
Spend day till evening at beach, water sports etc
Take an evening ride along kashid , either see sunset or if u have four wheeler leave same day for express highway route 
Or stay night go early morning ( recommended for bikers, but only through lonavla old highway route)


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